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After Bee was born, and time became infinitely more valuable, I started discovering things here and there that made my job easier or made my girls happier.  I stumbled on them in unlikely places and would say to myself, "Where has this been all my life?!" Like ultra-soft Kickee Pants pajamas that my daughters were excited to put on every night and that fit for months longer than anything else. Like the Toofeze teething ring I didn't have to remember to put in the freezer, and Sock Ons that really do keep impossibly tiny socks from falling off impossibly tiny feet!

I had 4 long months of bedrest while pregnant with Baby Faye and there's nothing like laying flat and staring at the ceiling to make you think about what you really want to do.  And so Teeny Bee was born! I spent those 4 months writing a business plan and 12 weeks after Faye was born Teeny Bee was up and running!

It's a happy, noisy, joyful place full of things that work for real babies and real families.  It's a baby-proofed space where you can feel free to let your little one roam around and explore.  Everything is safe to be pulled out, played with or tried on, and its a comfy, cozy place for moms and kids to hang out.  Join us for a playdate and see for yourself!

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I'm a mom of 2 beautiful, wild and spirited girls who turned my life upside down.

I went into motherhood expecting everything soft and gentle, quiet snuggles and baby powder smells.

The reality is so much louder and so much richer.  It's long nights and tired days, belly laughs and babies crying, bright colors, spilled bottles, runny noses and open mouthed kisses.

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